The days after your first iPhone application release!

iphone_3g1So, are you a prospective iPhone developer or a developer who’s probably still working hard on his first application? Are you imagining the moment when the public will be able to get their hands on your intuitive application. Well, I felt the same way, and here’s how it all went.

About 10 days ago I finished my first iPhone application called TwitterView, and was really happy with the results. Of course like any other developer I went through the testing phases of my application, and used the provided tools by Apple. The simulator that Apple provides for iPhone developers is suppose to “emulate” the behavior of a real iPhone device, but be aware that there’s a huge difference. Performance, memory and fps (frames per second) are very different when it comes to testing the application on the real device.

Well, I realized that after a couple of tests, and started testing on my first generation iPhone with iPhone OS 2.2.1, and noticed some differences, but was able to resolve them (At least that’s what I thought!). After testing and playing around with my app for a couple of days, I decided it was time to take it live and add it to Apple’s App Store.

Surely, I had to go through the whole approval process and banking preparations and what so. It took exactly 8 days for Apple to approve, and that was pretty fast compared to what I have read here and there of approval times between 2 weeks and a month. I guess this depends on the application that is being reviewed.

My app was up and live on iTunes, and was thrilled to hear some feedback. And as any developer, I expected the good and bad. This morning I received an email from someone who bought the app, and explained to me that the application was crashing a few seconds after it was launched. So, I was really bummed by this, of course I highly appreciate the feedback, but I was frustrated of what was happening even though when I test it on my device and tools, no such thing would happen! This certainly isn’t convenient for customers nor developers.

This made me think and think, OK, what did I do wrong?? Well, I did what I was suppose to do, reviewed my code once again, did some extra debugging, and analyzed the areas were a crash might occur. I went ahead and changed some of the techniques used in the app, and did some other updates, and went through the testing phase once again.

I surely hope it works fine for the users this time.

One last thing I had to mention, and is related to the iPhone simulator. I remember working on Nokia emulators back in 2004-05 for my senior project, and specifically remember that the emulator had the ability to simulate or emulate “what ever you’d like to call it” a real device, both memory and performance-wise.

Shouldn’t Apple provide their developers with just a little more reliable tools. I still think the tools are crucial and very helpful, but there’s always space for improvement.

What do you think?


~ by Said Marouf on April 18, 2009.

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