The appreciation of user feedback

feedbackI never felt so engaged in software development until I started to get real user feedback on my recent iPhone App TwitterView. It’s a really strange and different feeling-in a good way! I’ve been developing software for some time now, mainly for educational institutes and some commercial companies. In these cases, I was the ultimate decision maker, and the feedback I got from others was very …umm…lets say “dependable on my own recommendations” – not sure if that makes sense! Anyways, the feedback I got for TwiterView was very different, some very critical, and some constructive. I really felt how much this feedback is becoming a part of the product evolution. Some suggested new features, others criticized current ones. Either ways, I am very appreciative of all feedback I get. I strongly believe that without user feedback, a product won’t go anywhere. At the end, those users who provide the feedback are the once most interested in your product, and they deserve the appreciation.

To be honest, it was not easy at first to read some of the bad feedback, but I got to understand that “Bad Now” means “Good Later” as long as I seriously consider that feedback, and make it influence the product’s life-cycle.

At last, I want to say thank you to everyone who provided feedback, and hope they see their suggestions become reality as part of TwitterView.


Your iPhone Dev. friend.


~ by Said Marouf on April 20, 2009.

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