App Store approval times for application updates..


So, I just got an email from Apple rejecting the update. That’ fine, but the weird thing is that the bug they have reported to me is just not showing up in any way on my side. The issue is the following:

When TwitterView is in portrait mode, and a user wants to post a new tweet, once the text box shows up and the user flips the iPhone into landscape mode, the keyboard goes into wide screen mode but the text box doesn’t.

Now, on my side I have tried both Apple’s simulator and my 1st Gen. iPhone, and I can’t in any way regenerate this bug at all!

WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO ???? I might just try and re-submit the update once again and see what happens, or wait for a response from Apple. Oh, ya..I did ask Apple for help on this issue, probably they could help, or send me a free iPhone to test on …  JUST KIDDING!

Now I need to make a decision on whether to pull TwitterView from the AppStore (avoid any customer dissatisfaction), or keep it up and hope for the update to pass the review process soon?

What do you think?


So, I’ve submitted an update to my Twitter application “TwitterView”, and it’s been about a week now and still “In Review”. I thought for an update, the approval time would be much faster. The original version took exactly 8 days, and it seems the update might take at least the same amount of time!

I’ve read around the internet that approval times for updates were faster, in some cases just 3 days, but I guess I’m just not lucky.

Hope the update gets approved soon.

Will let you know.


~ by Said Marouf on April 26, 2009.

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