Landscape Tweeting! – previously “Twitter Landscape”

Just uploaded a new update for “Landscape Tweeting!”. Find more info here.

Facebook Status Updates now supported in submitted Update! Stay Tuned till Apple approves the update, and you will be able to use your Twitter messages to update you Facebook status. Of course you have the option to do so or not 🙂

The new Compose Message Interface provides you 2 buttons, one for posting to Twitter only, and the other to post to Facebook and Twitter! You need to setup Facebook access only once, then you will be able to use it.

Update// Some of you may have heard about the issue brought up by Twitter regarding using the term “Twitter” in third party Apps. Following this, I decided to change “Twitter Landscape” to “Landscape Tweeting!” respecting Twitter’s property.

An update for “Landscape Tweeting!” is pending, this update supports Photo Uploads via the iPhone’s camera or from the photo library (twitpic).

I have also finished a recent update that supports the following:

1- Quick Follow

2- Added User Mentions.

3- Public Time Line.

4- Favorites.

5- Interface changes (a- New menu that contains the “Quick Follow” option, Settings, and Saved Tweets. b- Icons are cleaner now. c- Got rid of the navigation bar in the direct messages view to provide more space to read messages, d- Other minor changes)

6- Fixed some bugs related to refreshing Direct Messages.

This update will be submitted to Apple once, the current pending update is approved.

Twitter Landscape Landscape Tweeting! is LIVE on iTunes : Get it HERE

Twitter Landscape Landscape Tweeting! DEMO Videos on YouTube NOW.

Full Screen Demo:

Focus Group Demo:

Saved Tweets Demo:

Multiple Account Demo:

Twitter Landscape Landscape Tweeting! gives you a total landscape experience for Twitter.
Twitter Landscape Landscape Tweeting! allows you to view your tweets in Full Screen mode that provides nice clear fonts, and immediate access to most of your twitter activities (Post New Tweet, Reply, Retweet, in-app Emailing of tweets (No need to exit app at any time), in-app URL browsing  (No need to exit app at any time), visit user pages and profiles, etc.).
Browsing through your tweets is as simple as it gets, you can view them in a table view, or double tap a tweet and start Full Screen mode.
You can Reply, or Retweet a tweet by simply tapping on a tweet and clicking the Reply or Retweet buttons.

** TWO Twitter Accounts **
Twitter Landscape Landscape Tweeting! supports 2 of your Twitter accounts at once (Second account is optional).
You can instantly view your second account’s timeline by a click of a button.
NO need to do a switch between accounts. Simply click the t2 button in the control bar at the bottom of the screen.

Twitter Landscape Landscape Tweeting! allows you to focus on the tweets of a certain group of friends.
You can simply add any friend to your Focus Group by pressing the add (+) button next to a tweet.
This can also be used as a filter, so if you want to see all the tweets from a particular friend, simply add him to your Focus Group.
You can easily access your focus group by clicking the f_g button in the control bar at the bottom of the screen.
You can easily remove a friend from a focus group by pressing the minus (-) button.
All changes to your focus group are instant! So you can filter users in real time.

You can now save your common tweets and use them later. You can also create your own templates and save them, and later on edit these templates to fit the occasion.
For example, I could save a tweet “Check this photo out”, and later load this tweet and add any additional information I need! This makes tweeting so much easier and faster!
Your saved tweets can be edited at any time.

Twitter Landscape is a great way to view & manage your tweets. Full Screen mode, Focus Group, and the ability to save draft tweets is awesome!


* Full Screen Mode.
* 2 Twitter Accounts at once,NO need for full switch.
* Focus Group, Access tweets of favorite friends^^
* COPY content from tweets, or PASTE to new tweets!
* COPY/CUT/PASTE works with other apps on your device!
* In-App Emailing of Tweets!(No need to leave App)!
* In-App Browsing of Links (No need to leave App)!
* In-App Browser supports Back & Forward controls!
* Off line viewing of your latest 100 tweets!
* Access your Direct Messages^^
* Follow new users, or UnFollow friends.
* Auto Refresh of Tweets, manual refresh also available^^
* Auto Scroll to start of unread tweets (optional).
* Update your Profile Location.
* Post New tweet, Reply to a Tweet, and ReTweet.
* Landscape Keyboard, way faster typing!
* Secure connection (https).
* Instant access to popular activities with CONTROL BAR.

– DOUBLE TAP a tweet in table view to access Full Screen.
– SWIPE LEFT & RIGHT to browse through tweets.
– SWIPE UP to EXIT Full Screen Mode.

^^ (available for first twitter account)


~ by Said Marouf on May 19, 2009.

36 Responses to “Landscape Tweeting! – previously “Twitter Landscape””

  1. […] tweets. – SWIPE UP to EXIT Full Screen Mode. ^^ (available for first twitter account) Website: Support Website: […]

    • how do you scroll down? i would like to see all of my tweets, not just some. maybe a feature that loads all of your tweets when you hit the bottom so i can see all of my tweets.

      • Currently the App stores your latest 100 tweets which you can also view offline. When the App launches it loads the maximum allowed tweets starting from the last stored tweet. So were you asking to view the ones like back from history (the ones before the stored 100?). I’d like to help, thank you.

  2. how do you add pictures to your tweets (i.e. twitpic, yfrog)?

    • This version has no support for images yet.
      Will be added soon. I’m working on image and video uploads for the near future.

  3. […] Support Website: […]

  4. Sorry, but nothing is working. I entered my account data’s, confirmed the welcome mask and got only empty masks on focus groups after loading new tweets. Got a iphone 3g with OS3

    • I am not sure I understand what your problem is. So, do you get the new tweets, but user images not showing up? Did you make sure to click the save button when entering your account info?
      If you can explain in more detail, I would love to help.


      • I entered the account info and clicked to save. I can also post a tweet message, which I could receive with my image. My understanding is, that the program is working similar to Twitterrific. Twitterrific shows me a list with a lot of tweets if I select Public Time Line or Twitterrific. So I expect the same with your program if I click on fg, but I get after the message Loading new tweets only my own tweet and nothing else.

      • Focus Group are tweets of the users that you add yourself using the + sign (The one next to a user’s tweet). So, it works as a filter.
        Public Time Line is different, and is being added to a future version.

      • Now I understand. But how can I follow in example the Tweet of “Wimbledon”?

      • I already added a “Quick Follow” feature, and I am working on the public time-line, and mentions – but these are part of a later version (will take a few weeks until ready and approved), I already submitted an update a few days ago that supports Image uploads via the Camera or Photo Library.
        Right now, you can follow those who you can access from the “Full Screen” Mode, using the hash tags at the bottom of the screen.

      • I need to hand write the “d” replacion the “@” to send direct messages because if I press the sent message option it always adress me to the sent email page. We must have an option to sent a direct message from the full viem page, with the application writing “d nameofaccount” in the same way that when we send a twitt.

        Or there is a direct way and I don´t see it?

      • This is fixed in the update. Hopefully it gets approved very soon.

        Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Happy to know that. I´m in testing stage now so hope that it will be aproved before I come back from summer vacations.

        I think that after the update the app will have all the esential options that I really need.

        Continue the good work.

      • I understand your comments and your fustration at tumblr.

        Apple is ranking by downloads that´s plain clear. The problem in your category is that there is too many apps and not all of them receive press/blog “tech” writers attention. LT wasn´t included in any of the reviews or global category analisis.

        For me was an easy choice because I checked all of them. Landscape writing? If yes to the test list, if not landscape not interested.

        2nd was the interface, 3rd features, 4th the price. And for me having all the features that I really need, a pretty nice and easy to use interface and all that at a fantastic price the choice of LT was inmediate.

        Fast 2 finger writing, in app browsing, full screen mode with fast icons put Landscape Tweeting! way over the crowd, but the people must know it. So after finish the coding work you must deal know with the “iphone apps bloggers” to do an in deep review and to include LT in the global Twitter apps reviews.

        Is what I thing, I love LT, wrote a little review in the spanish app store and give it 5 starts. And I checked a lot of apps before to do my choice.

        Good Luck.

      • Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Very nice, Said. I can type fast and the templates save me a lot of time. Landscape is the way. 5* and a positive review on his way in the spanish store.


  6. 5 stars and positive and descriptive comment already post in the spanish app shop. Thanks of a really well designed app.

    • Thanks Txomin, Very glad you like it. I am sure you will love the coming update too. Still waiting for Apple to approve, but hopefully should be out by the end of the week 🙂


  7. […] 9- Slight performance improvement. 10- Direct Message button added to Full Screen mode. Website: Support Website: […]

  8. With the update it is now a very good program, which I can recommend. The only one I am missing is a search function. I gave a 4 star value.

  9. Not too much wait, the update is up and working. Thank you Said.

  10. The name Landscape Tweeting can not be found if you löök for an Twitter Program. I think you should use Twitter Landscape again. This from a Marketing perspective.

    • Agree.. It was in respect for Twitter, but I see many other Apps still using the name. Not sure about changing the name again.. could add Twitter to the current name though…”Landscape Tweeting! Twitter Client” ? I’ll look into it. Thanks for the advice.

  11. why cant i see all of my tweets? it stops after a certain amout of time and i would like to see all of my tweets even from days ago, can you fix that? i dont like being stopped b/c their is no ‘ scroll down’ button or ‘ load more tweets’

    • As I said before, currently you can see the latest 100 tweets + whatever new tweets are loaded when the App starts. I will add a feature to load older tweets in coming updates. Thank you.

  12. Hello, I have a number of questions. Does your app have an “address book” feature in the Tweet area? I send tweets to my @username contacts, and it’s a lot easier to just grab them from the address book when composing the tweet. I didn’t see this in the screenshots, and wanted to double check before purchasing. Are links active from the timeline screen like Twitterfon, or do you have to access a secondary screen in order to use the links? Can you forward tweets via e-mail? Lastly, how is your refresh speed when initially launching the app?

    Thanks for your help!!

  13. One other question: do you have a “conversation view” where it shows your conversations on one screen without having to switch to multiple screens?

    • Hi,
      Answers are as follows..
      – no
      – links are accessible via a side menu, and not directly clickable as in Twitterfon
      – Yes, you can forward tweets via email (In the Full screen mode of the App)
      – Not sure what you mean by refresh speed here. When the App first launches it will grab the new tweets from where you left off (max 200). This speed is dependent on the connection, but I do cache the images, so it should be pretty good.
      – If you mean Auto refresh.. then this is defaulted to 3 mins. Can be changed in the settings.
      – No, there isn’t a conversation view.

      Hope these answer your questions.

      I realize there are some features that should be there, but I am working as hard as I can to add new features. The address book + clickable links are on my list for the near future.
      Sorry if you can’t buy the App, but glad you asked 🙂


  14. Just checking to see if any of the changes I previously asked about made it into your new update such as address book and conversation view?


  15. I love Using this app – Thanks first for writing such a useful twitter application.

    I would love to see one feature added – InstaPaper

    I love having this instapaper feature in the other twitter application I use and I would love to switch to this as my primary application.

    More Info on Instapaper

  16. Why don’t you provide us an option not to auto refresh? Auto refresh is very irritating while typing. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask for full image view. Your app would be perfect for that!

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