Movie Tweets


Movie Tweets!

//UPDATE… Movie Tweets is Live !! Get it now on iTunes

Wonder what others think about the latest box office movies? What movies are topping the box office list? Who’s interested in movies you like and looking forward to see?

Now you can discover new friends on twitter who share your same movie interests, and become friends via twitter.
Movie Tweets is a simple application that lets you check out the latest twitter messages related to the top Movies.

Movie Tweets compiles 4 main online feeds* that cover:

1- Top Ten Box Office Movies.
2- Movies Coming Soon.
3- In Theater Movies.
4- Fandango Five.

The clean and elegant user interface allows you to simply select one of the above lists, click on a movie, and instantly view the latest Twitter messages for this movie.

Other Features:

– Repost messages.
– Follow other users.
– Post your own twitter message.
– Customize number of tweets to load.

You don’t have to have a twitter account to use this App! Entering your twitter account information is optional, but required for (Posting Messages, Reposting Messages, and Following users).

Find out what others think about upcoming movies, and its Free!

NOTE: Some twitter messages may contain spoilers for already released movies.

*(Feeds provided by “” & “Fandango” – Developer does not control their content).


~ by Said Marouf on July 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Movie Tweets”

  1. Thank you for such handy app. Very good resourcse tool for films. One request, please: any way to make font larger for more easy readable? Thank you again!

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