Common Purchases

Common Purchases iPhone/iPod Touch App is live on iTunes.

Common Purchases is built around the fact that most of our purchases are repetitive and similar. Whenever you buy a small cup of coffee from Starbucks, all you need to do is click a button to add it to your purchases. No need to re-enter the information every time you make that purchase.

√ Common Purchases lets you create your own customizable items/categories with a simple elegant interface. Once you create your item with a name, default price and a customizable image (From your photo library, Camera, or use one of the bundled icons in the App). After that, with 2 clicks you have your purchase stored. Of course you have the option to do any necessary adjustments at the time of purchase if you desire so.

√ Have you ever forgot where you made a purchase and want to look up the location of a purchase? Common Purchases lets you view the location of your purchase on Google Maps within the App itself! You can treat items as categories or a single common item. It has never been faster or easier to track your purchases on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

√ Track your deposits too. With an elegant interface you can add fast deposits, and if you like, attach an image with your deposit (e.g. image of a check).

√ You can view all your purchases & deposits through an easy & gorgeous interface. Filter them by a specific date, month or item/category name.

√ Common purchases also provides with nice and simple to view reports on your Balance. With a beautiful bar graph you can view your balance summarized weekly, monthly, or yearly.


– Add/Delete/Modify your own customizable items/categories.

– Instant purchases using the built in ‘Fast Purchase Item’.

– View/Delete Purchases.

– Filter Purchases via day, month, item name.

– View detailed information about your purchases.

– Look up your purchases on Google Maps within the App itself.

– Add/Delete Deposits.

– Filter Deposits via day or month.

– Attach your own custom images to your deposits (e.g. Checks)

– Preview attached Deposit Images in their full size.

– Email attached deposit images.

– View Reports in a beautiful bar graph by week, month or year.

– Fast preview of purchases, deposits, and reports via easy to access Next/Previous buttons.

– Export your transactions as CSV files. You can export purchases separately from Deposits.

– Secure the App via PIN number.

– Choose from a number of popular Currency Symbols.

– Ability to clear all your transactions.- Instructions Included within the App.

This is by far the easiest & fastest way to track your expenses and deposits. Not to mention one of the most elegant user interfaces available.

Please send me feedback via twitter @saidmarouf I provide instant responses to all users at any time.

*Uses the great Glyphish icon set by Joseph Wain.


~ by Said Marouf on August 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Common Purchases”

  1. Thank you very much for taking time to read this. I am working really hard on my YouTube cannel and saw you amazing looking iPhone app I would love to give it a try can you please send me a review code thanks. I would love to give it a whirl.

    with best regards,
    Jacob H.

  2. Said, just purchased your ‘Purchases’ app and like the aesthetics but am confused about the operation, especially post-dated entries.
    Can in fact historic transactions be added? I used the ‘edit’ but found no clear way of changing the date and having the purchased item appear in the history file . . .

    • This version only allows for instant purchase adding. You also are allowed to delete older purchases. I have already added to the feature list : 1- fine editing of purchases 2- adding historic purchases. You should see those in the upcoming update…

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