Osfoora 1.2, all you need to know!

Hey Asafeer (Prular of Osfoora – and I mean  you guys and gals, Osfoora users) // Ya I know I’m not a good writer :/ or am I?

Anyways, Osfoora for Twitter version 1.2 just submitted to the App Store and waiting for approval.
Osfoora 1.2 adds and fixes the following


★ In-line image preview
★ In-line Twitlonger preview
★ Support for xAuth, more secure
★ Updated Profile view, shows your Twitter Birthday.
★ Revamped Dark & Light Themes!
★ Mentions/Own Posts highlighted in different color.
★ Added Posterous and img.ly Image uploads
★ Added Posterous video uploads
★ Other slight UI changes


– Fixed issue when trying to post to yFrog.
– Fixed some rarely occurring stability issues.
– With xAuth, “from web” issues are fixed!
– Fixed issue where tweet gets cleared when composing.
– Dark theme is default now (Based on Poll results).
– Removed vidly. as it is no longer available.
– Enhanced Read Later Menu.
– Fixed issue when editing new twitter account info.
– Fixed issue where Reply All was used instead of Reply
– Fixed issue with non-clickable links with special glyphs
– Other small fixes
Hope it comes out soon, and you enjoy it. Keep the feedback coming, and PLEASE drop a review on iTunes.. much appreciated.
Screen shots ??

~ by Said Marouf on March 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Osfoora 1.2, all you need to know!”

  1. looking good!

  2. […] 1.2 just went live to the iTunes store. My previous post elaborates on the features/fixes within […]

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