Osfoora 1.2 and Posterous Integration

With Osfoora 1.2 (Coming Soon) comes a neet feature. You can now post both Images and Videos to Posterous. I wanted to write this brief post just to explain how posting with Posterous works. I’ve used many Twitter clients on the iPhone and some do already provide Posterous integration, but not as good as Osfoora’s… IMHO.

When posting with other clients, it uses your Tweet content as the title, and leaves the body empty. So when posting an Image for instance, you will see the Image with a title at the top (Only part of your Tweet), and an empty space underneath the Image.

With Osfoora, Posterous integration is a bit smarter! Osfoora 1.2 Parses your Tweet and uses the first 40 characters as the Title of your Posterous post. Why 40? Well, that is the perfect length of a title that fits the width of a Posterous post. So what happens to the rest of the tweet? Osfoora uses the whole Tweet as the body of a Posterous Post. So if you post an Image or Video to Posterous, you get a title that is an extract of your actual message, and below the Image/Video you have the full content of your Message.

Such an integration allows you to post pretty nice and complete Posterous posts with full content. You can call them Mini Posts 🙂

I beleive every Posterous user will appreciate this feature.



~ by Said Marouf on March 11, 2010.

One Response to “Osfoora 1.2 and Posterous Integration”

  1. Let the title size be configurable. 40 chars seems too small to me, I’d rather more, but I do feel that a full 140 is too much.

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