Osfoora 1.2 Approved!

Osfoora 1.2

Hi all,

Osfoora 1.2 just went live to the iTunes store. My previous post elaborates on the features/fixes within 1.2.

Something I would like to clear up the issue regarding users who get their tweet saying “from web” instead of “from Osfoora”. After updating Osfoora to 1.2, you just need to delete your account then add it again within the “Manage Accounts” View. This will fix the issue for sure.

FYI, Osfoora is using Twitter’s new xAuth authentication. This will provide you with the best security without affecting the usability of Osfoora.

Hope you all like it, leave a comment and keep the feedback coming.

Your sincere Osfoora dev,

Said (Pronounced ‘Sa-eed‘, Sa as in Sat, eed as in need)!


~ by Said Marouf on March 12, 2010.

7 Responses to “Osfoora 1.2 Approved!”

  1. Nice update! A few things I think Osfoora still desperately needs.

    1. Tapping on a link should open the link right away. Holding down on it can give you the options.

    2. Adding to Instapaper should be an option once at the web page.

    3. A way to activate a link right from the tweet list would be fantastic. Osfoora takes too many taps to get to some things, and then back to the tweet list.


  2. I think the option to use Flickr as photo/video upload option would be awesome and it would make me permanently delete Tweetie 2 off my phone. This app is very nice and well done.

  3. Hi Said,

    please add “Load more than 200 Tweets” !

    The only App that could handle this is SimplyTweet…. (up to 1200)

    Best regards from germany



  4. Fine update. Thank you.

    Tweetie 2 for iPhone shows a perfect Twitpic integration in its latest release (the text message is shown below the picture at the Twitpic-site). I still think this feature is more important than a support of Twitlonger. What about a poll?

  5. Hi,
    I’m really enjoying Osfoora so far. There are just a few things I’d like to see incorporated in future versions. One: The ability to exit out of the app midway through composing a new tweet and re-open the app straight into the message you were composing. Having the tweet-in-progress be lost by quitting the app (or at the least not be auto-saved as a Draft) is a frustrating thing.
    Two: When scrolling to the top of the Timeline, it would be nice if the badge display of new tweets automatically faded once the top had been reached, rather than showing until quitting and reopening the app again.
    That said, it is a gorgeous, gorgeous app. Love the auto-refresh, the intuitive way it displays conversations, and the Instapaper integration. Keep up the good work!

  6. Liking the xAuth integration!

  7. Any chance of support for Mobypicture in the future? That’s keeping me from using Osfoora permanently now…

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