How would you change Osfoora’s Home Screen?

So.. I’ve received quite some feedback regarding Osfoora’s home screen. Some wanted the ability to customize the background, some think the icons are too large and silly, others dont even like the home screen! Of course many love it too 🙂

What do you think? Leave a comment below, and let me know what you’d like to see in future updates.



~ by Said Marouf on March 24, 2010.

17 Responses to “How would you change Osfoora’s Home Screen?”

  1. I like the homescreen i think the icons could be smaller but its a great concept. It would be cool to rearange the icon order and maybe change whats visible.

  2. I think Home screen customizing might be little confusing but, very useful 🙂

  3. I want to be able to customize the home screen background with a custom pic.

  4. I’d rather see you clean up your timeline issues like how a reload won’t re-timestamp old
    posts. The ability to reload w/out having to
    scroll to the top. Proper reduction of unread count while scrolling, etc. Just saying the home screen is minor by comparison.

  5. Love the homescreen. The icons are cool. I think there are other things I’d like to see, but nothing specific to the homescreen. Ooo! Maybe a black set of icons for the homescreen for those of us who like a killer all black theme? Mmm!

  6. I don’t like the home screen, for the reason that the icons are too big and 95% of the time I just want the timeline as fast as possible.

  7. Let’s see…

    I like the homescreen.
    I think the icon size is fine, but I think the icons could be a little better. I’d make the icons less simple, a little more techy, shadowed, etc. Maybe more like this :

    I vote no on custom background. I know I wouldn’t be required to change it, but I think it ends up making an app look like a bad MySpace page.

  8. hi said, first of all thank you very much for bringing such a nice twitter cliënt. i use it with tweety 2 and echofon pro.

    okay the homescreen. yes, it think that that the icon a too large. smaller icons would make the homescreen more subtile. you could also think on adding the “manage accounts” tab to “settings” imho the better place. please do not add an option for custom backgrounds !; osfoora is lean and mean in its UI and please keep it that way.

    another thing is the themes; the black theme is great (as with twitterific) and i still miss this theme with tweetie 2 and echofon.
    the light theme should als have a grey top menu bar (as with most apps) and also a light homescreen background

  9. I think the app is fantastic. I wish the homescreen icons were smaller…that’s it.

  10. I like it pretty much as it is…however I find that I don’t use it much. Between your More and Search layouts, the only time I still need to visit the homepage is to switch accounts or change settings.

  11. I like the homescreen just fine. The icons are great, but could be a tad smaller. I’d like to be able to rearrange them. I’d also like the lists button to remember the the last list viewed and reload that list, with a back button to go back to all lists.

    Otherwise, I like the look and the layout.

    Thanks for being such a responsive and quick programmer!

  12. It should look like the ipod configure screen where the icons look smaller. Or you can make it look basic and have it showing the rows of each function with the picture in front of each description. Press on the function and it swipes over to the feature.

  13. I love it … but I seldom use it.

  14. I have no problem with the homescreen. I think its a great idea and the fact it doesn’t open to it every time you load the app is great. I always close the app with the timeline open and it reopens back on the timeline.

    I agree with mhoutman above. I like the black theme that Osfoora uses as default but would love the option to switch to a basic color theme like Echofon or Tweetie uses. Black does not work well with my eyes sometimes. I was trying to explain this to you on Twitter but 140 characters is not enough. Here are 2 comparison screenshots. and what I would like the option to switch too

  15. I think the home screen is fine too; being able to rearrange them would be good though.

    What I would like to see fixed is having the DMs refresh when the timeline and mentions do. For some reason the DMs don’t, without having to go into the home screen and out again. Any ideas when this bug will be fixed?

    Other than that, I love it!

  16. I don’t mind the home screen, but I do have a few suggestions:

    * Flickr support via gdzl_la – flickr is one of the largest image services on the planet – why more twitter clients don’t support it is completely retarded. Please. The only reason I’m keeping tweetie on my phone is because it’s the ONLY freakin’ app that lets you add a custom image service. PLEASE. PLEASE.

    * If you sort via usernames in the contact list, why are the REAL NAMES listed and highlighted. I have a TON of contacts and many of them use usernames that start with a different letter than their real names. So, when I go to look them up, and I’m in the “B” Section, all I see are names that don’t start with the letter B. This is twitter, I don’t even KNOW half of these people’s real names. Why even list them if I have “Use Realnames” unchecked?

    * Why make us search for hashtags instead of just letting us scroll and select one, like we can do with contacts?

  17. one up for flickr support! and ability to upload photos without resizing or recompressing

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