Osfoora for Twitter 1.4

Osfoora for the iPhone version 1.4 change log:

– Core change, fixes Mentions/DMs being reloaded issue.
– “Double Tap” Title Bar (Toolbar at the top of screen) anywhere in Osfoora to instantly go back to the Timeline.
– Mark all Tweets/DMs/Mentions as Read by “Double Tapping” their corresponding Tabs at the bottom of the screen.
– After detecting gaps, timeline scrolls to the first tweet in gap.
– “Show Conversation Button” moved to toolbar within the tweet view.
– Ability to Post Link to Tweet.
– Fixes for special characters.
– Theme changes, more consistant DM conversations.
– User profiles now show “Verified” sign.
– Moved “Lookup User” to Search Tab
– Slight timeline changes
– Slight Home screen background change.
– New splash screen
– Easier access to recent searches
– Other Bug fixes

~ by Said Marouf on May 25, 2010.

9 Responses to “Osfoora for Twitter 1.4”

  1. Mobilizer Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. gdzl.la support, please! 🙂 (So we can use flickr)

  3. i want a free download =[ smhhh ! i only got like 26 cents in my account 😐 smh thisss seemsss sooooo awsomeee

  4. Any news?

  5. swipe list/search navigation plz (e.g. seesmic, tweetdeck)

  6. Would like to access hyperlinks direct from timeline. This is a great feature of Echofon ; I’m using Echofon 2.5.1 at the moment. If you implement this feature I’d definately buy Osfoora 🙂

  7. 1. Google / Instapaper mobilizer
    2. Lock icon for private accounts in profile view

  8. Osfoora is the best app for Twitter ! Thanks for this.
    I tried Echofon, Twitter, Twitdeck.
    And Osfoora is defenitly the best !

    Good job !

  9. Hi, I like your osfoora 1.4. but I thought it was free. did you put the price later cause I was pretty sure it was free once before.

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