Osfoora HD 1.0.1, what’s to come?


  • Add to “Instapaper” and “Read It Later” from within Browser view. You can still enable/disable the “read later” menu when clicking on links.
  • Reply All now included in Contextual menus.
  • Ability to see Conversations from user profile views.
  • Faster account switching
  • List view is shown when starting App, top view hidden.
  • Clear Cached Images
  • Pull to Refresh within Search View

-Fixes and Changes:

  • Fixed critical issue with DMs caused application to crash.
  • Enhanced url parsing.
  • Fixed issue with shortening some urls.
  • More precise tweet geotagging.
  • Minor UI changes
  • More reliable connectivity over slower networks.
  • Fixed issue with Twitlonger

~ by Said Marouf on June 9, 2010.

16 Responses to “Osfoora HD 1.0.1, what’s to come?”

  1. Does the HD version have a light theme? The dark theme is very hard for me to read at night (well, even during the day sometimes).

  2. I appreciate if osfoora can:

    * Find a better way to show single tweet (it’s too too big especially in horizontal)
    * Send DMS with split in two parts or without any limit (like tweetie desktop do)
    * A gui less bigger and more minimal (other than fonts)

    For point one, I prefer the twitter for iPhone version slide fingers prevent issue clicking on a tweet.

  3. I love osfoora HD, I am thinking about two suggestion here. One, a second tap on the tweet will hide the display area. Second, is there any plan to add an landscape mode (or an option?)

  4. @Davide:
    *A gui less bigger and more minimal (other than fonts)

    Yes please,.. the iPad rocks and it’s too bad that the application is just made bigger,… there’s no perfect iPad twitter client, so if you can make the perfect dashboard you will have the killer app! 🙂

  5. […] a problem with Osfoora. Marouf released the app on June 5th, and has  already  come out with the 1.0.1 update. The update fixed minor bugs and glitches based on user feedback. You can pick up Osfoora HD […]

  6. Hi,

    I’m still getting the crashes, I’m acrually not able to run it. Any new release soon?

  7. Am I missing something or is there not a way to see trending topics?


  8. Any chance of disabling the autolock? I like to have my iPad docked next to me auto refreshing tweets, but the screen still dims and locks.

  9. Great Twitter client – especially on the iPad. Already left a 5 star rating!

    However, I have a few suggestions:

    * I agree with Davide that the single tweet display uses a lot of space. A smaller view would be nice.
    * Somehow highlight own tweets slightly more in the timeline. Currently they are black and contrast isn’t that high. This means that I have to check the avatar to distinguish between the tweets.
    * Include ALL mentions in the timeline (maybe switchable). Right now I have to switch back and forth between timeline and mentions.
    * Increase contrast of the “unread tweet icon” (maybe different color). The small triangle is a very elegant way to display unread tweets but more contrast would be better IMHO.


  10. Is there an update coming with syncing read/unread tweets between Osfoora for iPad and Osfoora for iPhone ?

  11. I’d love to have the conversation bubble in the timeline view pull up the conversation pop-up instead of pulling in the big Tweet view. Kinda of like Twitterific does it, but with the finesse of Osfoora HD.

    Another thing would be with pictures, in landscape mode, there is so much space, why not be able to click on a picture link in the timeline view and also get a pop-up with the picture, again – like Twitterific.

    these two things would advance Osfoora Hd even further. currently I “waste” so much time jumping between the big Tweet view and my timeline just to look at pictures, etc.

  12. Please add Mobypicture as an upload service!

  13. This ia a great app, and I really like it. I’d like to request a few enhancements, if I could…

    In-line support for tweetphoto like is done for twitpic.

    Add refresh rate options for 30/60/90 minutes. Jumping from 5 minutes to NEVER is a huge jump.

    Find a way (color change, badge/icon) to mark the current tweet being read/last tweet read… this would be real handy first thing in the morning when I have > 100 tweets to catch up on and the morning is breaking loose all around me.

  14. Does Osfoora allow you to schedule tweets? Thanks!

  15. Osfoora HD for iPad 1.0.1. Feature laden Twitter client for iPad which is bursting with features. There are a huge number of Twitter clients

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