Osfoora HD 1.1, what to expect…

Osfoora HD 1.1 just submitted to the App Store and waiting for review.

Here’s what to expect for this major update:

  • All New Light Theme.
  • Great New Landscape Layout.
  • Clickable Links/Profile/Hashes from within Timeline.
  • Enable/Disable Unread Badges.
  • Enable/Disable Sound on new Tweets!
  • Auto scroll to Newest Tweet Option.
  • Integrated Wacchen Service.
  • Revamped Icons.
  • Updated Profile views.
  • Changed the way Tweets are marked Read.
  • Mark all read also possible by double tapping Tabbar.
  • LogIn view supports all orientations.
  • Login screen has instructions for new users.
  • Improved Geotagging.
  • Some improved usability touches.
  • Clear Cached Images.
  • Many bug and stability fixes.
More small changes…



~ by Said Marouf on July 4, 2010.

43 Responses to “Osfoora HD 1.1, what to expect…”

  1. Brilliant!! Can’t wait!

  2. Is there any chance is the next updates we can have the option to use our own short URL services like Twitter for iPhone has? I find this feature the most valuable in my Twitter client. Would love to see it in osfoora HD and for the iPhone version. This would make osfoora the best twitter clients out there.

  3. Thank you Mr. Said Marouf … Sounds so great … 🙂

  4. Woot woot! Cannot wait – this Sounds VERY awesome 🙂

  5. I appreciate your effort. Keep trying!

  6. Integration w/ Mobypicture as well?

  7. Excellent, well done

  8. Great!!! The Osfoora is the best!!!

  9. That’s awesome! Osfoora is the best Twitter client!

  10. Some great updates there. Main on I wanted is sound notifications so I’m glad to see that in the list.

  11. […] HD update coming My favorite Twitter client on my iPad so far is Osfoora HD, whom in their blog just recently told us that there is an update coming for us that will include as […]

  12. Do you think that in the near future a custom URL shortener would be possible? Someting like Shaun Inman’s Lessn (that one has a API key)?

  13. The best Twitter client gets better. Thanks!

  14. Should we expect Facebook integration anytime soon?

  15. Can’t wait to see it! You have a great start already, and these changes address most of my concerns.

  16. Can’t wait for the update 🙂

    Thank you for this fantastic app!

  17. Nice ! Can’t wait for it ! Esp the clickable stuff in the timeline!

  18. […] Osfoora HD 1.1, what to expect… Osfoora HD 1.1 just submitted to the App Store and waiting for review. Here’s what to expect for this major […] […]

  19. Sounds good. I like the clickable links from timeline, one less click.

  20. Hello Said, is this also for the iPhone ?

  21. Ummmm. Can’t wait would be a bit of an understatement!

  22. How about regional aggregates of top tweets? Woul this be included in the update?

  23. Great app. Love it..

  24. Any chance you have looked at how the app responds when a phone call is received? In the current version when the app relaunches after a call the timeline is reset, my unread Tweets are marked as read, and my position in the timeline is reset. Obviously, I’d like to return to the app just as things were when the call came through. Thanks.

  25. Super excited!

  26. I love this app for my iPad. Keep up the GREAT work. Looking forward to updating it through iTunes. Two questions:

    1. Will the dark theme still be an option on this update? I love it the dark theme; easier on my eyes.

    2. Can you make it so that when others retweet my tweets, I can tell who did it? I can’t seem to see that anywhere (even when I look under “My Tweets, Retweeted”).

    Otherwise, BEST twitter app out there, and I’ve tried a few! (Hootsuite, Twittelator, etc.)

  27. Thanks for the dedication – it shows!

  28. Loving it here on the iPad and iPhone. Though about to get an android phone……any chance of osfoora appearing on android?!?

  29. omg clickable links in the timeline ! Now this app is getting just PERFECT !
    thx very much for this update !

  30. Can’t wait!

  31. It was so elegant. You could choose to work on a tweet and get a large area to do it. Or you could just read. If I had written another program I would have hit my head and said “why didn’t I think of that!?” I have to say the new landscape view destroys that completely.

    I know I can turn the iPad but I don’t. Or let’s say I don’t want to. Maybe I’ll adjust. But please try to think of a way to give a switch to keep landscape view the way it was. All that wasted space. All those icons cluttering the vast empty spaces of the entire right half. And the crammed in tweets – the real business.

    Can you tell I got walloped by the update? Thanks for the opportunity to write about it. I have noticed other comments similar to mine. All best. In portrait view this is surely the best Twitter client.

  32. Looking great so far. The new landscape layout is very welcome. I am getting confused with the new tweet count readings. I understand what it is doing but I am so use to the unread count reducing as I scroll through the tweets the new method is catching me out! Not a major things and I’m sure I will get use to it.

    Any plans for syncing read tweets across clients?

  33. How do I close the detail now in landscape orientation?

  34. any way I can go back to the old landscape layout, as if I scroll the tweets on the left the unread count doesn’t change – it only does that if you use the up/down button on the right now 😦

  35. Hey Guys,
    first i want to say you did a great job with this app on iPhone and iPad.

    But i have one question.
    “Changed the way Tweets are marked Read”
    Where can i change this on the iPad? I want to set the tweets as read while scrolling like Osfoora on the iPhone. Is it possible ?

    Best regards from Germany

  36. Loving Osfoora. Would request that the Osfoora apps between iPhone and iPad sync read/unread tweets, dms, etc. Thanks for hard work.

  37. When you attach a photo, then remove it, you will be upset. becasue you should install again.. stupid UI design..

  38. Hi do you have a youtube video demo? or instruciton guide. I want to see it it before I decide to buy.

  39. I love your client, just wrote a long review on the Norwegian app store.

    I will not go into detail about how much i love it and what is so good with it, there are so many things it will take all day =)

    But if you will not hate me for just saying the things that i miss with the client, then i would sleep good tonight.

    – it would be nice to not have to click on the actual tweet to be able to retweet it ( or use any of the other features like email, traslate, mention or DM), like the twitter client for iphone, it has a swipe action that hides the text in the tweet and shows these action buttons. i miss that because it is such a easy feature to use (might be terrible difficult to create)

    – i belive it is timeconsuming to follow someone when you have to open the persons profile to follow them, and i useed alot of time to figure out that i had to click the profile picture to get this, tried klicking the name, left/right swiping the top right name field. if the above feature is to difficult to create, what about a little follow button in the timeline when someone Retweeting something, screen space might be a problem but when you have room for the retweet icon and message and the reply meny, it looks like there might be room for a follow this person, just a little button in the reply meny would work for me, with a follow me when it is a retweet and a unfollow me when it is someone you follow!

    That was my two cent, hope you have time to think about them and maby comment if it is infeasible to create them.

    Thanks for a great app, i dont use a twitter client for my iMac anymore, only this!

  40. And one more thing, when tweeting music, i only listen to audiobooks, could you also include it in the search for music field? i have to starte the book in the ipod app and then retweet what i am currently playing! =)

  41. What about integrating instapaper support for your browser?

  42. Said, Firstly congratulations on an awesome app.

    My only problem with Osfoora is that use it on my iPhone, my iPad but then when I sit down at my Mac I have to use some other clunky horrible thing!

    Please please please consider making a Mac version! I’m sure all your paying customers with Macs as well as iPhones and iPads (and iPods) would leap at the chance to buy it.

    Keep up the good work.

  43. Great job, I love Osfoora ! 🙂

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