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•March 13, 2010 • 2 Comments

Osfoora 1.2 Approved!

•March 12, 2010 • 7 Comments

Osfoora 1.2

Hi all,

Osfoora 1.2 just went live to the iTunes store. My previous post elaborates on the features/fixes within 1.2.

Something I would like to clear up the issue regarding users who get their tweet saying “from web” instead of “from Osfoora”. After updating Osfoora to 1.2, you just need to delete your account then add it again within the “Manage Accounts” View. This will fix the issue for sure.

FYI, Osfoora is using Twitter’s new xAuth authentication. This will provide you with the best security without affecting the usability of Osfoora.

Hope you all like it, leave a comment and keep the feedback coming.

Your sincere Osfoora dev,

Said (Pronounced ‘Sa-eed‘, Sa as in Sat, eed as in need)!

Osfoora 1.2 and Posterous Integration

•March 11, 2010 • 1 Comment

With Osfoora 1.2 (Coming Soon) comes a neet feature. You can now post both Images and Videos to Posterous. I wanted to write this brief post just to explain how posting with Posterous works. I’ve used many Twitter clients on the iPhone and some do already provide Posterous integration, but not as good as Osfoora’s… IMHO.

When posting with other clients, it uses your Tweet content as the title, and leaves the body empty. So when posting an Image for instance, you will see the Image with a title at the top (Only part of your Tweet), and an empty space underneath the Image.

With Osfoora, Posterous integration is a bit smarter! Osfoora 1.2 Parses your Tweet and uses the first 40 characters as the Title of your Posterous post. Why 40? Well, that is the perfect length of a title that fits the width of a Posterous post. So what happens to the rest of the tweet? Osfoora uses the whole Tweet as the body of a Posterous Post. So if you post an Image or Video to Posterous, you get a title that is an extract of your actual message, and below the Image/Video you have the full content of your Message.

Such an integration allows you to post pretty nice and complete Posterous posts with full content. You can call them Mini Posts 🙂

I beleive every Posterous user will appreciate this feature.


Osfoora 1.2, all you need to know!

•March 10, 2010 • 2 Comments

Hey Asafeer (Prular of Osfoora – and I mean  you guys and gals, Osfoora users) // Ya I know I’m not a good writer :/ or am I?

Anyways, Osfoora for Twitter version 1.2 just submitted to the App Store and waiting for approval.
Osfoora 1.2 adds and fixes the following


★ In-line image preview
★ In-line Twitlonger preview
★ Support for xAuth, more secure
★ Updated Profile view, shows your Twitter Birthday.
★ Revamped Dark & Light Themes!
★ Mentions/Own Posts highlighted in different color.
★ Added Posterous and img.ly Image uploads
★ Added Posterous video uploads
★ Other slight UI changes


– Fixed issue when trying to post to yFrog.
– Fixed some rarely occurring stability issues.
– With xAuth, “from web” issues are fixed!
– Fixed issue where tweet gets cleared when composing.
– Dark theme is default now (Based on Poll results).
– Removed vidly. as it is no longer available.
– Enhanced Read Later Menu.
– Fixed issue when editing new twitter account info.
– Fixed issue where Reply All was used instead of Reply
– Fixed issue with non-clickable links with special glyphs
– Other small fixes
Hope it comes out soon, and you enjoy it. Keep the feedback coming, and PLEASE drop a review on iTunes.. much appreciated.
Screen shots ??

Poll: Which Osfoora theme do you use?

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Landscape Tweeting…What’s next?

•January 19, 2010 • 1 Comment

Hello all,

The past few months I ‘ve been developing a new twitter application that will replace landscape tweeting. This was necessary and the only feasible thing to do. I will keep you up to date once the new app comes out… I will have a special promotion for a limited number of existing landscape tweeting App users, will let you know.

The new application will blow you away.

Thank you,

Have a great day.

Common Purchases

•August 20, 2009 • 3 Comments

Common Purchases iPhone/iPod Touch App is live on iTunes.

Common Purchases is built around the fact that most of our purchases are repetitive and similar. Whenever you buy a small cup of coffee from Starbucks, all you need to do is click a button to add it to your purchases. No need to re-enter the information every time you make that purchase.

√ Common Purchases lets you create your own customizable items/categories with a simple elegant interface. Once you create your item with a name, default price and a customizable image (From your photo library, Camera, or use one of the bundled icons in the App). After that, with 2 clicks you have your purchase stored. Of course you have the option to do any necessary adjustments at the time of purchase if you desire so.

√ Have you ever forgot where you made a purchase and want to look up the location of a purchase? Common Purchases lets you view the location of your purchase on Google Maps within the App itself! You can treat items as categories or a single common item. It has never been faster or easier to track your purchases on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

√ Track your deposits too. With an elegant interface you can add fast deposits, and if you like, attach an image with your deposit (e.g. image of a check).

√ You can view all your purchases & deposits through an easy & gorgeous interface. Filter them by a specific date, month or item/category name.

√ Common purchases also provides with nice and simple to view reports on your Balance. With a beautiful bar graph you can view your balance summarized weekly, monthly, or yearly.


– Add/Delete/Modify your own customizable items/categories.

– Instant purchases using the built in ‘Fast Purchase Item’.

– View/Delete Purchases.

– Filter Purchases via day, month, item name.

– View detailed information about your purchases.

– Look up your purchases on Google Maps within the App itself.

– Add/Delete Deposits.

– Filter Deposits via day or month.

– Attach your own custom images to your deposits (e.g. Checks)

– Preview attached Deposit Images in their full size.

– Email attached deposit images.

– View Reports in a beautiful bar graph by week, month or year.

– Fast preview of purchases, deposits, and reports via easy to access Next/Previous buttons.

– Export your transactions as CSV files. You can export purchases separately from Deposits.

– Secure the App via PIN number.

– Choose from a number of popular Currency Symbols.

– Ability to clear all your transactions.- Instructions Included within the App.

This is by far the easiest & fastest way to track your expenses and deposits. Not to mention one of the most elegant user interfaces available.

Please send me feedback via twitter @saidmarouf I provide instant responses to all users at any time.

*Uses the great Glyphish icon set by Joseph Wain.